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Welcome to Island Yachts

The team at Island Yachts is passionate - about yachting in The Bahamas, and our country as a whole. We live for the open water, the thrill of the adventure, the peace and serenity that can be found along our quiet shores, and the incredible beauty of our islands. 

We make it our mission to share our experiences, our knowledge and our passion with you - our clients, who become our friends. 

We embrace the charter yachting lifestyle and we are committed to ensuring every experience aboard for our guests is exceptional in every single way. 

We pride ourselves on providing professional support to our clients, agents and fleet members at all times. We believe that chartering should be made easy, and for that very reason, you will always find support, guidance and assistance with your Island Yachts team - available 24/7/365.


In the middle of a brilliant blue sea with over 700 islands where the sun shines almost all of the 365 days there are within a year, where the days seem as endless as the sunsets - saturated in deep red, pink and orange hues where the sand is as white as snow, or as pink as a conch shell where history and culture abound, and wildlife is celebrated.

This is our home, and we celebrate it - in the smiles that beam upon our guests’ faces, in the awe of a first-time encounter, in the sheer joy that can be discovered with a walk along a sandbar, or a swim amongst the pigs.


The Fleet

Island Yachts works with the top charter brokers from around the world, providing us with access to a nearly unlimited fleet of day and overnight charter vessels ranging in size from 40’ to 300’. A perfect option for every style of traveler



Yacht Support Services

More than just your average charter company. Island Yachts is here to support yacht brokers and our charter partners as best we can. We provide local strategic partnerships, insight and shore support. Here are but a few of the services you can expect to enjoy with Island Yachts:

  • Bahamas Charter Inspection & Charter Fees

  • Bahamas Clearance & Cruising Permit

  • Berthing Bahamas/Florida

  • Central Invoicing & Consolidation

  • Cash to Master (Bahamas/Florida)

  • Provisioning & Supplies 

  • Full On-island Support & Concierge Services

  • Private Aircraft/Seaplane

The Bahamas Sea Z Pass is an exclusive on-line portal for charter vessels for payments of charter fees and licenses. 

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